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In 6 Steps to your Pentest

This is how we proceed


We gather your requirements

In the course of a scoping call, we define the desired scope and general conditions of the pentest. We agree on what should and should not be tested.


We prepare an offer

After we have collected your requirements and requests, we will tailor an offer for you. You will receive it in no time. That's a promise!


We clarify all prerequisites

You have chosen Syslifters as your professional pentesting partner? We are very pleased and thank you for your trust! In the course of a kick-off we clarify all preconditions for the execution of the pentest.


We perform the best pentest for you.

We keep our word and deliver the best pentest. During the test, we stay in constant contact with you and inform you about critical findings, for example. After completion of the tests, we will send you the report in PDF format in a secure format as soon as possible.


We discuss the results

A Pentest report can be very comprehensive. We are available to you at any time, even after the test has been carried out, and will be happy to discuss the results with you in detail.


We retest

It is very important to us that you also work with our report and derive improvement measures from it. That's why we will re-test for you any vulnerabilities that have been remedied, free of charge, if they are remedied within eight weeks!

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